Davao City Engineer's Office


The Maintenance Division – In-charge in the maintenance of roads, streets, drainage system and public work and maintenance of all drainage, bridges and prepares required reports.

The Waterworks Division – Takes charge in the formulation of plans, programs, feasibility studies and other technical activities relative to water resources development in the country side; conducts actual construction, supervision and project monitoring for all civil engineering related to waterworks project.
           Responsible in organizing rural waterworks associations; conducts formal and informal training activities for institutional development for all RWSA. Undertakes water sanitation programs and projects in the barangays which are recipient of water systems; and facilitate registration if rural waterworks
         Undertakes the construction and maintenance of all types of water wells. Conducts actual construction, supervision and project monitoring of all mechanical engineering related waterworks project (i.e. drilling, construction of wells, rehabilitation of wells and repair job).

The Motorpool Division – Undertakes major and minor repairs on light and heavy equipment-does maintenance ,servicing and vulcanizing work; performs electrical repair and replacement of electrical parts of equipment; undertakes body building and does major and minor welding services; performs machining and threading parts of light and heavy equipment; modifying or fabricating new parts; does blacksmithing and other related work.
             Provides general services for equipment operating in the field for various projects; conducts routinary inspection of all equipment operating in the field; prepares equipment status and reports; performs other task related to equipment operation.
            In-charge in the production of asphalt and paving materials for use in various products; operates rock crusher to provide needed materials in various road and other public works project.

The Programming and Design Division – Plans, designs and prepares program of works for various government buildings such as offices, schools, gyms, health centers, waiting sheds, markets, abattoirs, parks, playgrounds, roads, streets, bridges, drainage systems, community projects, subdivision, resettlement areas and integrated beautification and development of the city. Gathers and complies pertinent information, prepares periodic reports and statistics; makes feasibility studies and recommendations for reclamation project, zoning, subdivisions, resettlement areas and integrated beautification and development of the city.
           Undertakes geodetic survey and investigation on government buildings, roads, streets, drainage works, reclamation project, zoning, subdivisions, human settlement, public lands reserved for public use and the general development plan of the city.
            Conducts survey investigations and negotiation for road right of ways and prepares documents pertaining to donations of real property for public land applied for by private individuals.

The Material Testing and Quality Control Division – Formulates general policies on material testing and control; approves minimum testing standards; review materials aspect for various projects; preparation of plans and designs related to soil classification based on soil survey/ exploration; and recommends structural design for pavement, base, sub-base coarse thickness; test the quality of materials to determine its acceptability/ rejection or recommends remedial measures; conducts research and analysis on locally available materials.
            Materials investigation for quarries and recommend sources for use on specific projects; certify the acceptability of materials based on test results as government standards specifications on the quality of the materials; advises project engineers on the acceptance or rejection of material being used and/or proposed to be used base on test results; conducts soil exploration for soil classification in the
preparation of plans.

The Construction Division – Undertakes constructions and improvements of roads, streets, bridges, drainage systems and public works/infrastructure projects of  the city.

The Administrative Division – Takes charge in all incoming and outgoing official papers; writes correspondence/communications issues certifications; does recording, filing, mailing and follow-ups of papers in other government and private agencies.
         Coordinates with other divisions on administrative and personnel matters; takes charge of personnel transactions on appointment papers, services, leaves retirement, Medicare, insurance membership and personnel reports/ survey and statistics and takes charge on janitorial services.
         Keeps record of funds releases and detailed estimates of program of works and projects; controls/records of expenditures; prepares budget and payrolls,
remittances and other reports involving financial information.
         Takes charge in the requisitioning, storing, and safe keeping of supplies, materials and equipment; prepares voucher; checks payment job site deliveries of
materials and submits inventory and other reports.